11 February 2019

Spring 2019



We have reluctantly taken the decision to close our 2019 membership as the room capacity is at a maximum.  We are taking guest bookings for the meetings from July onwards (June is fully booked).  Please let us know if you would like to book in, a guest visit is £5 and you’ll be able to see if our group is for you.
The only exceptions are if you have been a member before or guested already in 2019.

As the evenings very slowly get a bit lighter and longer, our WI continues to blossom & bloom!
We've seen lots of new members & guests join us recently!
Our pro-rata membership means the price for this years (2019) membership at the start of the year was £42.00.
You would get 11 meetings for this price and many more extras, which is a bargain at just £3.81 a meeting!
If you are a completely NEW member you can use the incremental pay system, which is currently at £42.00, this cost goes down by 1/4 every quarter.
We really want Brislington WI to be a place where any woman can come and expect to be welcomed, included and make friends and as our membership grows with more and more individual members it’s important that we all put in the effort to keep it that way – I hope you all agree?!
We know we have members that join seeking new friendships with like-minded, local women. Some are new to this wonderful city, some regaining their social life after starting families and others just craving new and stimulating company. Whatever the reason, coming along without knowing any other members (as we know many do) takes courage, and we’d like to ask all our members to make a special effort towards anyone they see sitting alone.
It’s easy for us longer standing members, or those that have joined up with friends, to carry on in our usual circles, but next time, just look around and see if you can get chatting to someone you've not really spoken to before!