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Brislington WI Dinner Club (members only)
BrizWi Eats!

The Dinner Club is about making new friendships, and is a richly rewarding experience. You will enjoy good food, wine & sparkling conversation.

Joining our club is an excellent way to discover the city whilst enjoying good food and making new friends from your WI.
The choice of restaurant is decided monthly by the committee, who will commit to hosting a meal in restaurants of various nationalities and prices.
Most meals tend to be held from Thursday to Sunday evenings, the programme includes a mix of old favourites and new destinations.
View our Facebook membership page and join now to enjoy privileged access to our Dinner Club venues.

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Brislington WI- Film & Theatre group (members only)

Ever want to go to the theatre or cinema but no one else likes your choice? Well, now you can pair up or get a group together with other ladies from Brislington WI. Whether it's a musical at the Hippodrome, Shakespeare at the old vic or a comedy at the Tobacco Factory there is no doubt someone with the same tastes. 
Post the show you would like to see and maybe you will have a group together before you know it.

Primarily managed by member Leanne Winter

Brislington WI Crafters (members only)
BrizWi Does!

Primarily managed by members Helen Warren & Leanne WInter

Brislington WI-Gardening group (members only)

Primarily managed by member Sue Trevor

Brislington WI Morsbags

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