Brislington WI Committee 

Running a WI takes a bit of effort, and making that effort are the committee. The people who are currently making the running of Brislington WI happen are:

All members of the committee are involved in Brislington WI's recruitment. They also share the hosting and other responsibilities for the monthly committee meetings. The Brislington committee all take part in setting up the room before each meeting. Committee members deliver information to the Federation and organise fund-raising activities. Other tasks include finding contacts for meetings and gathering materials for meetings.

Liz -President

"Hello, I'm Liz and I am the current president. I am married and child-free, and have lived in Brislington since 2008 with my supremely tolerant husband John. I work full-time and my job is all about trying to make science and engineering as interesting as possible to teenagers - it usually involves space or dinosaurs, but it can occasionally involve space dinosaurs. I love making stuff but have a very short attention span so my house is full of half-finished projects, from wonky works of art, through a mountain of cake tins and down to a tangled mess of giant knitting. What can I say, I'm a joiner-inner, the WI is perfect for me!"

Leanne - Treasurer

"My name is Leanne Winter and I am currently the Treasurer for the Brislington WI. I have lived around South Bristol all of my life apart from the last 5 years!
 I first thought the WI was all about jams, baking and sewing machines, (all things I love by the way), but since being a member I have realised it's about a community of women, all from various backgrounds and all at different stages in their lives, coming together, learning together and sharing their interests.
I have made new friends, learned new skills and broadened my horizons a bit. I became a committee member because I'm a bit rubbish at sitting on the sidelines, and like to get involved! 
I enjoy knowing about Brislington WI from behind the scenes and being involved in getting excited about the things we are planning. I love sourcing and making gifts for the raffle & making cakes for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy!"

Sue Casely

Committee Member

Hi, my name is Sue and I joined WI in April this year. I am married with four grown up children and eight grandchildren. I foster three teenage girls who I have cared for since they were small. I joined WI to make friends as fostering can leave you isolated in the home. I am not very crafty but would love to find something I’m good at! I have just joined the committee and really hope I have something to offer!

Sue Trevor


I joined Brislington WI in July 2014 shortly after moving to Bristol and the committee the following year. Being a creative soul I’ve particularly enjoyed the meetings where we’ve been introduced to crafts such as felting and ceramics. Baking and making are huge features in our meetings and fundraising activities. Year on year we have increased our annual charity donations. I am attempting to master crochet and my garden keeps me busy together with finishing the renovation of our Victorian house. I’m a former PA, a wife, a mum of two and a Nanna to two (with another arriving December 2018)

Gail Stubbins

Committee Member

I am Gail and have been a member of Brislington WI since the very first meeting. I am married with two children and have always lived locally. I have met so many people through WI and forged new friendships. I eat more cake than I bake but it’s always great to taste new recipes at our monthly meeting. I love trying out different activities even though I end up giggling far too much! I have recently started crocheting thanks to my WI friends.

Becky Bishop

Committee Member

I’ve lived in Bristol my whole life, growing up in Knowle, Totterdown and St Annes. I now live in Stockwood with my partner of 17 years (Colin), my amazing 2 year old son (Caspian), and our gorgeous cat (Dude). When I’m not having fun wrangling a toddler, I work 3 days a week for a local Digital Technology company where I’m a Customer Success Consultant. Basically, I support clients with CRM projects and deliver training over Microsoft products. My family have been in businesses at St Nick’s Market for nearly 30 years, so some of my time is spent supporting them and managing our digital archive of old Bristol photographs. When I get a bit of spare time I enjoy crafting, reading, baking, photography and good food! I’m also a lover of the great outdoors and I’m hoping we can get back into camping over the coming year.

Angela Fittall

Committee Member

Hi, my name is Angela and I have lived in South Bristol for the last 10 years. I joined Brislington WI in 2015 as a way to meet new people and regain a social life after having my son, who is now 6 and keeps me busy!
I enjoy sewing, crochet, baking and trying new crafts. I love being part of the Brislington WI community, we are a diverse group of amazing women who bring a wealth of experience and humour to our meetings. I'm looking forward to being more involved now I'm part of the committee.

Louise Williams

Committee Member

Hi, my name is Louise and I have been a member of Brislington WI since April 2018. I have lived in Brislington for the most of my life, growing up here and then moving briefly to another part of Bristol before returning with my husband to have our child. I joined the WI to learn something new and make friends and have loved every meeting!
I wouldn’t describe myself as a naturally creative person but love having a go! What I really love about it is the bringing together of women from all different walks of life.

Plus you, perhaps...?

There's plenty to do, and as Brislington WI grows then so will the committee. Any member of Brislington WI can join the committee, or form a sub-group, or volunteer to take on a role at the monthly meeting such as bringing the cakes or meeting people at the door. Let us know what you can offer and there will be a role the right size and shape for you! Have a chat to a committee member at the next monthly meeting to discuss how you can contribute.