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16th JULY 2019


We do not meet in August 2019

TUESDAY September 17th  2019 


About me - by Thommie Gillow:
I currently work as a lecturer at Bridgwater college teaching English and film AND from Sept 2015 Creative Writing!!!  Whoop woo!  I also help run Hammer and Tongue Bristol putting on monthly poetry nights on the first weds of the month in The Birdcage, and have been recently working with Burning Eye Publishers as a poetry editor.  I love all my jobs, my students, my poets, my work and even love my home time job as a mummy and girlfriend in my ace little family.  Now go and puke then read on ...
I have been performing poetry ever since I can remember: aged 5 when my Catholic upbringing had me singing songs and writing poems about loving God, through to my 17 year old lamenting of actual or non-existent boyfriends and on to my current status as a feminist, a lover and a mum.
As a fully qualified and experienced English teacher I have been teaching for over 12 years in various different educational establishments (and countries!) as both full time staff and as a peripatetic creative writing tutor.  I LOVE teaching and I LOVE poetry so what better job is there?

TUESDAY October  15th  2019 

AGM & a FUN activity!

TUESDAY November 19th  2019 

Our annual Quiz night!


TUESDAY June 18th  2019 



MAY 2019


The RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews provide a 24-hour rescue service in the UK and Ireland, and their seasonal lifeguards look after people on busy beaches. Their Flood Rescue Team helps those affected by flooding.

RNLI crews and lifeguards have saved over 142,200 lives since 1824 but they are more than a rescue service. They influence, supervise and educate people too. Their Community Safety teams explain the risks and share safety knowledge with anyone going out to sea or to the coast. And their international teams work with like-minded organisations to help tackle drowning in communities at risk all around the world.


TUESDAY April 16th  2019 




Author, journalist, editor, public speaker

My third book, The Women Who Built Bristol, was published in February 2018 and I am currently completing volume two (published October 2019). I am also working on a book about the seminal independent music label Sarah Records.
After almost a decade working on lifestyle newsstand magazines in London (and a further decade freelancing from my current home of Bristol), my key areas of interest are independent pop culture, women's history, feminism and (for variety) endurance running. If you want a piece about the legacy of Sarah Records, I can definitely help you out. And if you're after a long-form feature considering the merits of the suffrage movement on contemporary feminism campaigning, well, I can oblige there, too.

TUESDAY MARCH 19th  2019 


The Ukelele is a member of the lute family of instruments. It generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.Some strings may be paired in courses, giving the instrument a total of six or eight strings.
The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete, a small guitar-like instrument, which was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants, mainly from Madeira and the Azores. It gained great popularity elsewhere in the United States during the early 20th century and from there spread internationally.
The tone and volume of the instrument vary with size and construction. Ukuleles commonly come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.
Danielle is going to teach us how to play! 




Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training.With roots in Chinese medicinephilosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), translated as "life energy'.




Tuesday 18 September 2018

Pot your own flowering bulbs into a bucket!

Tuesday 17 July 2018


The Bart Ingredients Company Ltd has grown over the last 50 years and now sources ingredients from across the globe. Back at Bart’s base in Bristol, our culinary experts work with flavours to create herb harmonies and spice symphonies which add an extra touch of magic to home cooked dishes.

By working with suppliers in different corners of the world, we have come to realise that not all ingredients are equal and a myriad of reasons can change the flavour profiles of our favourite spices.

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Meet Jim Parkyn, Senior Model Maker at Bristol-based Aardman. Jim is responsible for creating some of the UK’s most loved plasticine characters – from Morph to Shaun the Sheep. We will catch up with Jim to ask about his extraordinary job, current projects and what gets him inspired.

Jim from Amazing Scene Machine will along to our June meeting and help us to create our own likeness from plasticine. We will then added together to create one masterpiece.
Marmalade Trust are our chosen charity for 2018 and we were also supporting Loneliness Awareness Week.
Loneliness can affect people of any age.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Unless you're one of those admirable people who carries their favourite camera with them at all times, at the ready, chances are that you often watch great photographic opportunities pass by you. (Not quite there yet? Start taking photos with your phone regularly, and in no time, the world will be full of photographic potential!)

But nowadays, most of us keep our phones with us all the time, which means most of us have a camera with us all the time too. And because of the advances in smartphone design, that camera does a pretty decent job! Awesome shots are now within your reach, every where you go. You can easily practice your craft – and add to your visual record – every single day. 

Tuesday 17th APRIL 2018

When you wish upon a star.


War children are those born to a native parent and a parent belonging to a foreign military force.

The first GIs landed on Britain's shores in 1942 and brought with them candy, Coca-Cola, cigarettes and nylon. Young women were quickly invited to attend dances at local army bases and of course the GIs were happy to teach them.

War children are those born to a native parent and a parent belonging to a foreign military force.

The resulting relationships meant that over 70,000 GI brides crossed the Atlantic after the war. In his book Cardiff, A City At War, Dennis Morgan states that there were 72 GI brides from Butetown alone.

Naturally there many other relationships that did not or simply could not end in marriage for various reasons. One poignant photograph shows a hastily scribbled message painted onto the outside of an army tent which reads "Sorry Jean, Had to Go, Johnny".

Nobody knows exactly how many GI babies were born but it is estimated to be in the thousands. Naturally time is running out for these children to successfully be able to trace their fathers, but there is still much that can be done to trace extended families and to learn additional and much appreciated personal information about their fathers and, in exceptional cases, a glimpse of a treasured photograph.

Sadly, for many the search may not be so successful but there are several key organisations who can help. The very best place to start your research is with They offer free help and advice alongside a wealth of experience and a vast membership who can provide additional emotional and practical support. They explain how to use the Military Personnel Records Center to apply for the service records of US military personnel.

Tuesday 20th MARCH 2018


Tuesday 20th February 2018


Tuesday 19th January 2018

Jackie Bell -talk from an Astronaut!

Tuesday 19th December 2017

Tuesday 21st November 2017


Toastmaster is a general term, referring to a person in charge of the proceedings of a public speaking event. The toastmaster is typically charged with organisation of the event, arranging the order of speakers, introducing one or more of the speakers, and keeping the event on schedule. Such meetings typically include civic events, service organisation meetings, and banquets of various purpose. In many meetings, a toastmaster typically addresses the audience from behind a dais or from a podium. At stage entertainment events, especially ones broadcast on live television, the toastmaster often takes the form of a master of ceremonies, introducing the entertainment acts.

Tuesday 19th December 2017

Tuesday 17th October 2017


Tuesday 19th September 2017

Cake Decorating
Sugar craft with 'Cakesmiths'

Tuesday 18th July 2017

Talk on the Bristol Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, spanning the picturesque Avon Gorge, is the symbol of the city of Bristol. For almost 150 years this Grade I listed structure has attracted visitors from all over the world.

The bridge joins Bristol and North Somerset and is owned and operated by Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust. It is entirely funded by tolls - which have paid for its upkeep since it first opened to the public on 8th December 1864.

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Crockery Painting

We will be joined by the lovely Sophie Williams from Mother Hen Creations, she will help us paint pottery, which she will take away & fire. These will be returned to us by the next meeting. Free for members, although we kindly request a donation to the One25 project.
Non members can paint a mug for £10.00, or a coaster for £6.50.


DDG Summer Event - All Aboard! - Tuesday August 15th 2017

Ahoy there matey! Brislington WI are hosting the DDG summer event and we are aiming for it to be ship-shape and Bristol fashion all the way!

We will meet at the harbourside for a 1 hour guided boat trip around the historic, world famous Bristol harbour. We will follow this up with a meal on the harbourside at The Stable.

You can come for both the tour and the meal, or just the tour, or just the meal. You will need to pay a deposit, the amount depends on which option you go for. See the ticket details for more information.
Details of meeting points and timings for all options will be confirmed nearer the time, but we will not start earlier than 6pm and the meeting point will be on the harbourside near the Centre.
You can book your place using the link below and pay your deposit at the next meeting or by PayPal (search Please use the friends and family option.
Boat trip £10.00    Meal DEPOSIT £5.00 (to secure the table )
Here's the link to the event. Password BrizWIevent2017 (it's case sensitive).

Tuesday 16th May 2017

A talk about BEES!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 18th April 2017

CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate demonstration & talk

Tuesday 21st February 2017

Button Glueing

Tuesday 21st March 2017

Presentation by the One 25 Project

Brislington WI Donated to the One25 Project in 2016, they are now our main charity we will support in 2017, this is an opportunity to find out what they do.

Tuesday 17th January 2017


Tap Dancing & Registration

Christmas Fun Night!
Tuesday 20th December 2016

Fun, Games & lots of food!

Tuesday 15th November 2016

At the next meeting it's the return of the annual BrizWI quiz.

It was so popular last year that we're doing it again.

Sam Munnings will be our quiz host so get your brains in gear to pit your wits against your fellow members. 

Tuesday 18th October 2016


Join us for Indian night, where we will be enjoying Indian nibbles, making Indian patterns with coloured sand, and tattooing each other with Henna (non permanent!) 

Tuesday 20th September 2016


It’s not rocket science - It’s Sausagenius!

The Sausagenius concept probably began back in 2012. John embarked on a breadmaking course at Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire under the tutelage of baking guru Clive Mellum and immediately set to work baking for friends, family and neighbours.

In 2013 John started making his own sausages. Feedback from everyone who tried them was excellent so he started producing and delivering locally in South Bristol to an ever-expanding customer base under the name Atkinson and Sons.
In early 2014 John was playing poker with some of his friends and one of his best customers, Matt, was also at the table (they were both losing heavily). After many beers Matt suggested the name of the company should be Sausagenius and that he would love to get on board with the business and is now the technical wizard behind the company.
Sausagenius’ reputation grew incredibly quickly locally. Their philosophy is simple: Use the best, freshest and most responsibly sourced ingredients to produce the best sausages money can buy. All of their pork is British and outdoor raised and we only use shoulder and belly. Their herbs are 75% home grown in the Sausagenius allotment and, no tasteless rusk for us; all of their bangers are ‘bulked’ with our home baked sour dough bread’s breadcrumbs.

Tuesday 16th August 2016


Our tour takes place on Tuesday 16th August 2016.
We are due to arrive at 7:15pm.
The first part involves an hour or so around the Brewery, and a further hour or more at the bar in the beautiful on-site Brewery shop with all the Butcombe beer and Ashton Press Cider you can drink, with 3 beers on draught and the cider on tap!

All aspects of the tour are free of charge, and we are turfed out about 9:20pm.
We will then take the 5 minute drive onto the Brewery's pub 'The Swan' at Rowberrow where they lay on Butcombe bangers and mash, or a vegetarian option for £5 per person.
This tour is for 40 people, and at the moment, we are fully subscribed- I will let you know if this changes, and if places come up!

The Swan

Tuesday 21st June 2016


A social night for everyone to get together & have fun!

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Arnos Vale Cemetary Talk

An illustrated introduction to the history of the Victorian, Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, its development, decline, restoration and stories about some of its permanent "residents".

Tuesday 19th April 2016

Wendy Calder Ceramics
In our April meeting we have the ceramist Wendy Calder, who will be showing us some of her wonderful creations as well as hosting a workshop. You will have the opportunity to make a brooch or earrings, which Wendy will take away to fire then glaze and bring back in the May meeting.

Due to the cost of materials there will be a charge if you wish to make something - £6.50 for a brooch and £8.50 for earrings which is payable on the night. But we do need ladies to let us know if they wish to make something so that Wendy can bring along enough materials.

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Mad Hatters tea party & millinery

Tuesday 16th February 2016


Tuesday 19th January 2016

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory is one of the world's leading research institutes for robotics. Its not just engineers and computer geeks working there, but biologists, mathematicians, psychologists, philosophers and even surgeons, working collaboratively to investigate what the robotics technology of the future will be and thinking about how we will interact with it. Corra Boushel will tell us about the work of the BRL and give us a chance to programme our own robots - it's not as hard as you might think!

March Meeting - Milliner/Mad Hatter's Te

Tuesday 15th December 2015

Brislington WI's Christmas PARTY!!!!

Tuesday 17th November 2015

Annual bread month -bread competition with cheese,

wine & chats & a hosted Quiz-you are welcome to bring along a guest for the quiz (even men!) and the guest fee is £5.


Tuesday 20th October 2015

The Fright Night-the history of Arnos Manor & its ghosts

Tuesday 15th September 2015

The science of fireworks

Tuesday 18th August 2015

Trip to a winery*  additional charge may apply

Tuesday 21st July 2015

Willow weaving

a demonstration and workshop to inspire and produce your own willow item 

Tuesday 16th June 2015


Food foraging /booze for free! A talk & demo (possibly as an interactive walkaround Brislington Brook) weather dependant *

A little bit about our speaker for June:
"Andy Hamilton is a local author who is known across the planet for his wild booze. He has appeared on many TV shows including Autumnwatch, Countryfile & Titchmarsh he's also had a Radio 4 food Programme dedicated to him and his wild booze. Continuously experimenting, Andy will be unlocking his bag of tricks for us and let us drink whatever taste sensation he has concocted especially for us"

Tuesday 19th May 2015

Lampshade making

Our May meeting will be one of style and accessories, our craftiest member Kirsten Clark will show us how to make a lampshade!
 You’re invited to bring along a 110cm X 30cm piece of fabric to adapt it into a fantastic lampshade. Kirsten owns a shop Make & Do in Sandy Park, so she knows her stuff & you can purchase fabric from her great range there. 

As usual we will be holding our fab raffle, so make sure to bring some cash along too!

We hope to see you on Tuesday 19th May 2015!

Tuesday 21st April 2015

CSi night


Tuesday 17th March 2015

Health Spring clean

How small changes have a huge effect on your health for the better


Tuesday 17th February 2015

Pirate Night

Arrr, Shipmates! Pirates in Bristol
Historical talk about Pirates in Bristol & their 
effect,along with fun & games

Tuesday 20th January 2015

Shabby Chic

Come along and learn how to bring new life into your furniture (please bring an item you are happy to paint)

Tuesday 18th November 2014

Belly Dancing

Come along and learn how to belly dance (joining in optional!)

October 2013
Meeting date: Tuesday 15th October, 7:30pm

with Mark from Mark's Bread PLUS! Bread making competition.

November 2013
Meeting date: Tuesday 19th November, 7:30pm

with Guy the carpenter

December 2013
Meeting date: Tuesday 17th December, 7:30pm

with Gift Frippery

January 2014
Meeting date: Tuesday 21st January, 7:30pm

with Dr Alison Rivett - Chemistry and me

February 2014
Meeting date: Tuesday 18th February, 7:30pm

with Teach Me Sugarcraft

March 2014
Meeting date Tuesday 18th March, 7:30pm

with Adrian Targett - Cheddar Man

April 2013
Meeting date Tuesday 15th April, 7:30pm

with Joanne Dunn – Kinesiology

Don't forget to check out our Special Events as well!

More speakers for 2016, will be added as soon as they are confirmed.

If you are interested in being a speaker at one of our meetings then we'd love to hear from you. Use the contact form on the right-hand side of the page to get in touch.